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Rotor Spinning Parts

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WS series DC/DN open-end spinning OE card clothing

DC chromium-based nano-coated ring ring (bright white)

DN Nickel Base Diamond Composite Coated Ring Ring (Bright Yellow)

High quality carded originals

The ring gear is composed of coated card clothing and aluminum-magnesium alloy rings. The weight is only 1/2 of the steel ring, which can effectively reduce energy consumption and weight.
Since the surface coating of the card clothing is composed of nano-scale diamond, the diamond particles are brought into the coating through a special process, making the needle tip bright, smooth, sharp, HV1200-1300, and extremely wear-resistant.
It is widely suitable for spinning various fibers, especially for spinning higher-grade fibers, with better results.

Compatible models

Schlaifhorst fully automatic models, Rieter, Rifa and other fully automatic and semi-automatic models.

New series of combined opening roller combination parts

Easy to disassemble and assemble

Combined combing rod combination

Many improvements are made to facilitate and simplify disassembly and assembly during use and improve production efficiency; the new combined tooth ring type opening roller combination was born in response to market demand.
As shown in the figure, the opening roller assembly is a universal type. The difference is that the sizes of the roller body, toothed ring, and bearings matched by various models are different.
Disassembly and assembly tools: Only a five-point hexagonal screwdriver is sufficient.

Disassembly and assembly method: Loosen the three solid screws on the opening roller cover, remove the cover, remove the worn gear ring, and reverse the operation. Note: The set is selected once and used permanently. The above is equipped with a standard balanced roller body.

Compatible models

Renovation of Rieter, Rifa, Titan, Rieter, Oerlikon, Schlafhorst fully automatic models, Jingwei, Seiko and other series of models.

combining roller combination parts

Rieter BT923, R923, R35, R36 semi-automatic models

All-aluminum R923, R35, R36 combing roller


In conjunction with Rieter BT923 and R923, semi-automatic rotor spinning machines that are widely used, our company has developed a new combining roller body for this purpose. The new roller body not only maintains the light weight of the original roller body, but also eliminates the difficulty of returning the original roller body to the original roller body (some original roller bodies are disposable aluminum castings. When removing the card clothing, the gap between the grooves The wall is easy to be damaged and fall off, causing the roller body to be scrapped. Even if it is barely covered with card clothing, it is easy to hang flowers and twist flowers).

✤ This kind of combining roller is a new type of aluminum alloy hollow roller body. It is lightweight and can be returned to the package many times. After the cavity is sealed, it will not accumulate dust or flowers.
✤ It can reduce the bias of the combining roller, make it run smoothly, reduce yarn fluctuations, extend the service life of the bearing, and create conditions for increasing the cup speed.
✤ Using this kind of roller body can reduce costs for customers and is cost-effective.

Rieter R series fully automatic opening roller series
This type of combing roller is divided into two series: toothed ring combined type and integral type.

Compatible models
Rifa, Matrice and Titan models

Opening roller model







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