Cylinder Card Clothing

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Cylinder Card Clothing

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Cylinder Card Clothing

✥ Unique Conceptual Design: Each needle tip is ingeniously aligned along the golden ratio, creating a distinct design.
✥ Utilization of Conical Tooth Processing Technology: The conical teeth treatment technique ensures the smooth and delicate structure of carding teeth, enabling flexible combing and reducing fiber cutting damage.
✥ Application of Carding Surface Composite Coating Technology: The composite coating technology significantly enhances the wear resistance of the needle cloth.
✥ Innovative 16-Series Multi-Stage Large Flat-Top Tooth Design: This design concept achieves leveled support for fiber, enhancing overall entanglement removal efficiency.
✥ Comprehensive Improvement in Knot Removal Rate: This advancement leads to a significant enhancement in the removal of knots and tangles.

Stripper Roller

✥ Rocket Head Design: Penetrating fibers, it facilitates the seamless transfer and bundling of cotton webs, thereby increasing production yield.
✥ Minimal Manual Intervention: Requires minimal human intervention at the starting phase, capable of auto-guiding cotton swiftly.
✥ Innovative Surface Treatment: Smooth and rounded tooth structure eliminates snags and reversals, enhancing the quality of combing.
✥ Pioneering International Coating Technology: Features a groundbreaking coating process, ensuring an exceptionally long lifespan.


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