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On July 26, the China Middle Society Geotechnical Building Materials Branch held the third second Council expansion meeting and the sixth Geo-architectural Engineering Design Innovation Forum in Dezhou. The meeting was co-organized by Guangshan White Shark Card Clothing Co., LTD and Tiandingfeng Holdings Co., LTD.


On July 26, the China Middle Society Geotechnical Building Materials Branch held the third second Council expansion meeting and the sixth Geo-architectural Engineering Design Innovation Forum in Dezhou. The meeting was co-organized by Guangshan White Shark Card Clothing Co., LTD and Tiandingfeng Holdings Co., LTD.

Li Lingshen, Vice President of China National Textile Industry Council, Sun Jinliang, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering (online), Li Guimei, President of China Industrial Textile Industry Association, Nie Songlin, President of Geotechnical Building Materials Branch of CNITA, Cui Zhanming, Honorary President, Dezhou leaders, industry experts and scholars, As well as geotechnical construction materials industry chain of enterprises and institutions, research institute representatives, White Shark Card Clothing chairman Zhang Yonggang led the team to attend this meeting.

Leadership  Speech Stay true to our original aspiration and forge ahead 


Zhang Yonggang, the national textile industry model worker and the president of White Shark Card Clothing, said in his speech:After 60 years of unremitting efforts,White Shark Card Clothing has grown from a processing workshop only capable of producing elastic rack to a professional company providing thousands of varieties of card clothing for the textile industry, such as cotton, wool, hemp, silk, industrial textiles and post-pilling finishing.

In the 1980s, white shark card clothing first developed self-locking card clothing;In 2008, white shark card clothing took the lead in putting forward the carding concept of "fiber protection", and developed the Great White Shark conical tooth card clothing;In 2014, we developed the "JINTRAN" series of surface strengthening treatment carding roller card clothing, which passed the technical appraisal in 2016;In March 2021, the composite coating metal card clothing JINTRAN passed the production appraisal of China National Textile Industry Federation.At present, the company is the research center of Henan Province Engineering Technology (intelligent equipment for card clothing manufacturing), the Technology Research center of China Textile Machinery Industry (National Textile Machinery card clothing), the technology research and development center of China Textile Engineering Society (National Textile card clothing), and the national high-tech enterprise, which is selected as the first batch of specialized and special "little giant" enterprises supported by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2021.

White Shark people believe that with the development of high speed, high quality technology, all card clothing need to be redesigned and manufactured again. After years of accumulation, White Shark people realized that core technology cannot be learned, bought or stolen. Only by their own efforts and innovation can they obtain it.


For 60 years, the White Shark company insists on "making every needle with ingenuity and doing one thing with heart", that is "card clothing", that is "combing". The White Shark Card Clothing uses the template machine as the benchmark, builds the sample workshop, builds the sample factory, and solves the spinning problem together, so that more enterprises can experience the surprise and amazement brought by the super long service life of the White Shark JINTRAN card clothing and the White Shark carding technical solution!

In the past 60 years, White Shark people adhering to the "hundred years of card clothing, carding expert" spirit of focus, not only stop at the world's top three card clothing, but also "strive to be the leader of the world card clothing industry"! I believe that with the joint efforts of all the boss friends present here, we will be able to spin exquisite products! Weaving a splendid future, together to the future!

Innovation Forum  Exchange and share, common progress 

In the sixth geotechnical construction engineering Design innovation Forum held at the same time of the conference, many experts brought wonderful reports, introduced the latest products, technologies, applications, standards and other content in the field of geotechnical construction materials for the delegates, and analyzed the development status and trend of the industry. The forum has played a good role in promoting the technical exchanges and in-depth cooperation between the upstream and downstream of the geo-construction materials industry.


Ren Taiping, director of non-woven carding Technology Department of White Shark card clothing, gave a report entitled "Carding Application of metal card clothing in geosynthetic materials".Ren Taiping introduced that at present, customers have higher and higher requirements for mesh uniformity, production efficiency, service life and so on. The characteristics and advantages of the new "JINTRAN" process are very suitable for this kind of demand.For example, JINTRAN card clothing ultra-high wear resistance: tooth tip Vickers hardness HV1100-1300, increase the service life of the card clothing; Super smooth: flexible carding, greatly reduce friction coefficient, reduce fiber damage; Anti-corrosion and anti-rust: anti-corrosion, anti-acid and alkali, anti-rust, reduce the oil agent, workshop humidity damage to the needle cloth and other advantages.

White Shark Card Clothing adhere to scientific and technological innovation, shaping a hundred years of card clothing brand.Closely following the development of the textile industry, it is the first to separate the special card clothing for industrial textiles from the woolen card clothing series and develop the special card clothing for nonwovens.At present, white shark needle cloth can not only meet the hot air, spunlace, spray glue, needle, hot rolling and other industrial textile processing methods, but also fully support the domestic and foreign high,medium and low-end carding models;Whether it is traditional conventional industrial textile fiber raw materials, or new materials, special materials and other functional fibers, white shark needle fabric has mature technical service mode and provides reliable carding supporting solutions. In particular, the "Great White Shark" series and "JINTRAN" series of the two brands, with their mature technology and product quality beyond the international counterparts, help the textile industry in the key link of fiber carding product upgrading and structural adjustment.

2022 will be the 60th anniversary of the establishment of White Shark Card Clothing, White Shark Card Clothing will improve the overall strength of the enterprise and improve the overall market competitiveness.White Shark needle cloth will continue to carry forward the white shark people "needle meticulous, tooth excellence" craftsman spirit, continue to uphold the "white shark card clothing, progress everyday" innovative spirit, continue to adhere to the "hundred years of card clothing, carding expert" spirit of focus.We believe that white Shark will make new achievements and miracles, shine in China and serve the world!